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About Us

Non-Fiction Productions, LLC

Since 2001, Northeast Indiana's goto creative production house.

Bringing together creative teams to tell your stories, produce the most effective media for your brand development, and design the most efficient strategies for your social media marketing.


Since forming Non-Fiction Productions in 2001, Rick Decker has traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Africa, capturing the stunning imagery and audio that, when combined, make up the compelling stories of the businesses and ministries that Non-Fiction Productions serves.  Years of working in any situation and every environment, whether it’s capturing video while hanging off of a mountainside or out of the back of a C-130 at 10,000 feet, Rick has developed a unique toolbox of creative skills and techniques that he is able to bring to his client’s projects.   Non-Fiction Productions is continuing to grow  in-house creative teams and services, while developing new partnerships  with organizations across the nation, to provide an unheard of level of service to their clients. 

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